The Electrical Safety Cycle, built from codes and standards, is the first line of defense against potential electrical hazards.

The Electrical Safety Cycle

  • Identifying the Problem
    • ​​​​Government agencies and testing laboratories provide statistics, data, and research to identify emerging safety issues
  • Identifying the Solution
    • New technology is created to mitigate hazards not addressed in previous editions of the NEC
    • This technology is then tested by a third-party testing laboratory to ensure safe everyday use and compliance to safety standards
  • Implementing the Code
    • New technology is presented to the public and technical committees for consideration in the NEC
    • New code requirements are revised by NFPA’s committee on the NEC
    • Public, expert, and consumer feedback is taken and reviewed
    • Code is now complete and is presented to states for adoption
    • The majority of NEC changes are installation safety standards
  • Enforcing the Code