How Do You Know

...that your workforce is properly protected from electrical hazards?



You know that a comprehensive electrical safety program is the key to preventing electrical injuries and fatalities in the workplace, but how do you know if your program is effective?  How do you communicate the importance of electrical safety to your managers and employees?  The How Do You Know? program will help you answer these important questions - and more.


Follow these three steps to begin improving the electrical safety of your workplace today:


Step 1: Awareness

What does electrical safety mean to you?  The How Do You Know? video modules demonstrate how safe electrical practices are vital to everyone in your business.


Step 2: Assessment

Are you confident that your company's electrical safety program is up-to-date and comprehensive?  Evaluate your program with ESFI's Electrical Safety Self Assessment.  It's an easy to use tool that will help you review and analyze your company's electrical safety practices related to facilities, personnel, and procedures.


Step 3: Improvement

Once you identify areas that need to be addressed, what's the next step?  ESFI has compiled a library of safety resources and links to help you find the information you need. 


This is how you know.