National Electrical Safety Month - Electrical Safety Resources for Older Adults







The National Electrical Safety Month  Electrical Safety Resources for Older Adults provide information to encourage electrically safety practices among older adults.


Home Electrical Safety Tips for Older Adults - Good electrical safety practices can help keep your home safe from electrical fires, a leading cause of unintentional home fires every year.


Home Electrical Safety Tips for Older Adults Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) - This PSA provides safety tips to help older adults identify and prevent electrical hazards that can result in a home fire.


Home Fire Safety Checklist for Older Adults - Use this checklist to help find and correct fire safety hazards in your home before they can start a fire or injure someone.


Smoke Alarm Safety - Smoke alarms save lives by providing early warning of fire. Follow these tips to ensure you are protected by working, properly installed smoke alarms:

Community Outreach Presentation - Home Fire Safety for Older Adults - This plug-and-play presentation can be used to promote fire safety awareness among older adults in local communities.



Visit the Electrical Safety for All Ages: Older Adults section of the website for more useful safety tips and resources developed specifically for older adults.


Be sure to read Electrical Safety Illustrated for our 2014 National Electrical Safety Month campaign materials.  Additional National Electrical Safety Month resources and suggestions for facilitating a local electrical safety awareness campaign can be found in the Electrical Safety Advocate Guide.