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Learn from the mistakes of this naughty elf to avoid the common dangers of the holiday season.
A short and entertaining video warns about the dangers of overdecorating during the holiday season
Water and electricity don’t mix. However, outdoor electrical devices are exposed to the elements which can include rain, snow, sleet, and the resulting standing water. To reduce your risk of injury or death related to these hazards, GFCIs should be used

Entertaining Safety

Ensure that your home is ready for all of the festive activities the holiday season brings.

Decorating Safety

Follow simple safety guidelines when decorating to help prevent serious electrical and fire hazards.

Fire Safety

Take steps to protect your family and home from holiday season fires.

Holiday Gift Guide

Home safety devices are unique gifts that keep family and friends safe all year.

Children’s Safety

Make child safety a priority for all of your holiday preparations and activities.

Data and Statistics

Key data and statistics related to holiday behaviors, hazards, injuries, and fires demonstrate the need for holiday safety awareness.
News and Annoucements News and Announcements
Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is providing tips and resources to help prevent the common hazards that occur while celebrating the holidays.
ESFI and NFPA are joining forces to urge the public to make safety a priority for all of their holiday celebrations and activities.
“ESFI’s Holiday Survival Guide" educates the public about preventing dangers commonly associated with the holiday season.
Do you think you are properly equipped for a safe holiday season? Take this quiz to find out.