How to Test a GFCI

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Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) can be damaged by voltage surges from lightning, utility switching or simply from normal usage.  If they are not working properly, they are not protecting you from shock or electrocution.  


GFCIs should be tested once a month to make sure they are working properly. 






To Test a GFCI:


1.  Push the RESET button.

2.  Plug in a nightlight or similar device.

3.  The nightlight should be ON.

4.  Press the TEST button.

5.  The nightlight should turn OFF.

6.  Push the RESET button again.

7.  The nightlight should turn back ON.

8.  If the nightlight did not turn OFF, the GFCI is not working properly. 



Malfunctioning GFCIs do not provide shock protection.  Have a licensed, qualified electrician check the GFCI and correct the problem if your GFCI is not working.